Welcome To My Personal Blog, TIME, FREEDOM AND CHOICE,  My Save Heavens. Here, I am Free to Talk and Express Myself, In The Process, I learn and Inspire other People around the World Like You.


It’s my desire to reach out and inspire you, especially if you feel confused, overwhelmed with Life and needs a change.

I hope to help you believe in yourself, no matter what situation you are into, what time you have lost, what stage in your life you find yourself in,

No matter how much wastage has happen. It’s my wish to help you recreates or start creating a life of Freedom, a life in which you can look back after 10 years and say, I choose this life. Am proud of myself, of who I have become.

There’s nothing more exiting as realizing your uniqueness and abilities. Everyone has potentials to exile in their own specific areas in Life. You have the ability inside of you to become what your thoughts make you were meant  to be. Your thoughts are not by accident.

Your life is precious, so valuable to live it all under the control of someone else. But the fact is, without the ability to completely cater for yourself by your own self, you have no choice. You have to succumb to whatever conditions you find yourself in.

Through Life, there are various seasons, but that doesn’t change the Journey or destinations. For as long as you have Life, which is Time, don’t lose the journey. Stay On track, be conscious of the journey every morning when you wake, through the day as you go about your activities, in the evening before you sleep, evaluate your journey. See how far you have gone, how much is left and what you need to get there.

Don’t stay down when you have been knocked by the seasons of Life. This seasons might hit you as Financial Lost, Death of love ones, Broken Home, Loss of Job. These seasons could shatter you into pieces. But you can do something about it.

That’s where I want to be able to be of assistance. Life is a gift from God and everyone alive deserves to be happy, irrespective of race, gender and or location on earth.

I urge you to appreciate the gift that you are. You are precious and valuable; never lose sight of whom and what you are. Begin to create a new vision and dreams for yourself.

Do not try to use short cuts in Life, Do what is right, work hard and smart with a strategy, sooner than later, you will be on track. Strive for honesty and integrity, love one another, put your plans into actions, stay with the truth and above all believe in yourself.


Gather up and Water Yourself For A fresh Start

Everything is naturally made to grow and move on positively, only adverse circumstances cause diversions. These are the seasons I talked about earlier. There are just temporal diversions, don’t let them hold you in one spot, recognize them, loss yourself of them and move forward.

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It’s  about  Time Management and Positive Mindset.Inspiring you to take every single decision base on Utilizing your Time, Gaining your Freedom and Making your own Choices in life. 

Constructing your life into living  EFFECTIVELY.

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