Tips On How To Actually Figure Out Your Goals Into Reality……

All this talk of goal-setting and self-assessment may sound great in theory, but perhaps you need some inspiration to figure out what your goals should be. If you’re changing your job Attend more networking events and make new contacts. Achieve a promotion while getting a new position. Get a raise. Plan and take a vacation […]

How To Regain Confidence In Yourself During Uncertainty

If You’re Feeling Uncomfortable, That’s The Start Of Your Personal Growth. As a graduate, finally stepping out into the job market can be an intimidating experience. We naturally start to feel uneasy as we leave the comfort zone we’ve become accustomed to. You’ve spent years in the education system acquiring specific skills, now the time […]

Here Is Why A Particular Group Of People Remain Poor For Generations.

Thousands of families are living in abject poverty.There are specific clans, ethnic groups, tribes, villages, cities, countries as well as continents that have been associated with poverty over generations.They have become so use to  the state of poverty that it doesn’t seem to a be problem anymore to them.Over the years, they have come to accept […]

A Tip on What Wealth Really Is.The Concept Of Wealth

Wealth is a stock concept – it is a large amount of money or valuable possessions and can be held in different ways: 1.Savings held in bank deposit accounts 2.Ownership of shares issued by listed companies and equity stakes in private businesses 3.The ownership of property 4.Wealth held in bonds 5.Wealth held in occupational pension […]

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