Conflict in Myanmar has forced over 410,000 Rohingya to flee their homes

The recent conflict in Myanmar has forced over 410,000 . The majority of these refugees are women, including mothers with newborn babies and families with children. The sooner education is provided, the greater the gains in helping children adjust to their current situation. Join us in our efforts to provide Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh […]

Here Is How You Can Get Closer to God

One of the most beautiful, satisfying and most intimate relationships you could ever have in your whole life, would be with God.It’s a settled and peaceful atmosphere of sincerity, kindness and pure love.It’s one in which most of the work has been done already. In fact,the commitment, discipline, and above sacrifice has been proven through Jesus […]

Why So Many Christian Churches

My fellow Christians,  With all the different churches present in our world, a pastor holding one service here, and another there, I heard a preacher say once, that all Christian churches are okay even if they do not all teach the same things. How can that be? Isn’t the word of God the same thing? […]

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