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5 Reasons Why The Universe Is Not Giving You What

You Want in Life

When ever things didn’t work for me, I would always find something or someone to blame it on. Over and over I would say, “Why me? What have I done to deserve this? It’s not fair. Why does this happen to me all the time?”, “maybe because am a woman” If only I were a man”….I always had headches since I wanted to be successful so badly.I didn’t know that I had to learn what success was, how it happens and how I could attrack success  to myself.

Then I  started searching for ways out of my misery, I had heard stories of very successful people  who made it from nothing to something, I went from Internet Marketing, online coaching which really helped by the way, reading “think Rich Grow Rich”, and one day, in my quest online stumbled on  “THE SECRET” The Secret introduced me to the Law of Attraction and I believed that this was how I could get the Universe to work for me rather than against me. I didn’t know much about the Law of Attraction.  I didn’t really understand how it worked or how it was connected to the Universe. I thought the Universe was a space where if I sent out positive thoughts I would get positive results.My prosperity consciousness was raised and how to go about it through free Calls from Inspire spirit coaching 

Famous people such as Oprah Winfrey had endorsed the Secret and they shared their stories of how the Law of Attraction changed their lives for the better. The Secret success was unbelievable.

I remember at the time thinking that if the Secret works for all these famous and successful people, surely it would work for me? I followed the Secret’s 3-step formula, Ask, Believe and Receive, and waited for the Law of Attraction to start working in my life.

During the time of reading the Secret, my Fiance just move to the country where I was. We were in the job search crunch for him, and we  kept receiving negative responses even in my own jobs, from family members, Friends. Our big plans were not picking up at all. I was devastated and I felt I was a failure. I was miserable and gave up reading the Secret or thinking about the Law of Attraction. Its funny though, when you feel your life is at rock bottom and you come to a point where you have a choice – do I continue on with this downward spiral or do I try and figure a way out of this?

The easier option is to do nothing but I chose to try and figure a way out. I decided to put the Law of Attraction and the teachings of the Secret to the test. I set out to manifest my perfect job according to how I thought it should be done.

I did get a job that was the exact description of what I wanted I knew this job was for me the moment I went into the interview. It was at this point that I realized that , my life was all in my hands.I believed from then that, I can actually get this universe to work for following a support system and learning and doing the things that have worked for other successful people around the world.

1. I had no idea what the the impact of my mind had on my life

There are 12 Universal Law that govern the physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual elements of the universe.  Of the 12 Universal Laws there are four laws that influence me the most. When I understood how these four laws worked, my relationship with the Universe improved dramatically.

1.The Law of Action – There’s no magic that you can get the result of somethung you didn’t take a action towards. In some cases , not talikng action is action itself.Having rain pour on you is as a result of not opening an umbrellar or not runing for shelter. action must be employed in order for us to get what we want in life. We must engage actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. No action no result.

2.The Law of Cause and Effect – nothing happens by chance or outside of the Laws of the Universe – every action (including thought) has a reaction or consequence. Even if you choose to do nothing you still have a consequence. Procrastinate and there is a consequence. You cannot escape the law of cause and effect.

3.The Law of Attraction – this law demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts feelings and words and actions produce energies, which in turn attract like energies. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive.

4.The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – the law states that every person has the power within them to change the conditions of their lives through using our power of choice. Our power of choice is pivotal in regard to how we want to live our lives. The power of choice enables us to change the energies in our lives.                                                                                                                           My relationship with the Universe now operates on these four laws – action, Effect, positive energy and the power of choice. Start working with the universal laws that resonate with you. You will find overtime that the Universe will respond and start working with you to achieve all that you desire in your life..

   2. I had no idea of the difference between  setting goals and Achieving goals

 When you set a goal you are operating on an imaginative and rational level. When you work to achieve a goal you are operating on a habitual and emotional level. The energies are very different.

The desire for a goal is “energy in motion” and unless you keep this desire strong with extreme self motivation ,it will quickly disappear and lose its strength. This was happening to me all the time, especially when it came to getting my own website, it actually cost nothing but took me ages to get it.

Once I understood how to work with the different energies that are the essential elements of setting and achieving goals I felt more confident about my abilities and myself. I also found that I began to have more positive experiences in my life and my relationship with the Universe improved. Over time I stopped bargaining with the Universe and became more open to receiving from the universe.

3. I use Take Action wihtout Aligning My Mind, Body and Soul with it.

 The reason why some people never achieve positive results is because their conscious thoughts which are positive are not aligned to their unconscious beliefs, habits and values. If you are not aligned in your mind, body and soul although your conscious mind desires greatness your subconscious will block it.

“Your conscious mind is your chooser and your subconscious mind your implementer” John Assaraf

To attract the positive things in my life I needed to work on getting my conscious and subconscious mind in sync. Once I got this figured out I became much better at managing all the emotions and thoughts that are essential to me setting and achieving my goals.

4. I spent a lot of time trying to feel good but not dealing with what made me feel bad

I thought long and hard about including this reason as it is a complicated one. Why I wanted to share this reason is because I believe we are conditioned to think that we have to be positive and upbeat all the time and if we are not we will never achieve our dreams, be a success or live the life we desire.

Events can happen in our lives that are traumatic and painful. It is times like these that it becomes very hard to be positive and upbeat about life especially when you feel so bad. There are also times in our life where we just feel sad, scared or frustrated. I was spending too much time focusing on having to be positive and feeling good that I was not dealing with my feelings of sadness, grief, pain and fear.feelings are real. They will not stay buried for long and at some point they will surface.

 My advice is that you spend time acknowledging your feelings and resolve your inner conflicts,  but then move quickly to finding more positive things to focus on in your life.Increase the quality of your life and rid yourself of inner conflict with the aid of this subliminal mp3 album!

I found that by dealing with my feelings of sadness, pain and grief I became more self aware and more resilient. As a result my thoughts and energies were more aligned and thus my relationship with the Universe became stronger.

5. I spent too much time pursuing happiness that I missed the joy of the present

“Success and happiness are always missed by those who leave the present unattended to.”   Edmond Mbiaka

Since I live in a foreign country with my Fiance, we will often talk of when we go on vacation, we will do this and do that….. we had put a break on all other amazing aspects of our lives for just a max of 30days vacation that  we  maybe only have after  a year  or 2 back home.It was all about work, money, tomorrows ambitions, what we want to achieve after 5 years, 10 years and so forth.We never really discussed about the moment.We didn’t even realised how lucky that both of us were finally together in the same country. We were so carried away by the future.we were absent in the present.

The Universe for a long time was telling me over and over  to enjoy these moments of happiness I was having right now in my life. I was so busy chasing my happiness in the future that I wasn’t listening. I kept blaming the Universe for all the bad in my life and as a result my relationship with the Universe languished.

The saying “stop and smell the roses” is so true about living life in the present. As now, we decide every month to spent quality time together , no matter how small it it, we make it count. So I keep track of cheap flights, and some packages come along with hotel stays too from travelpayouts.

 It also reminds us to be more aware of the practice of gratitude and appreciation. If we were truly living in the present we would be practicing appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis.

Hanging out with your best friends, going for a walk, sitting in silence, reading a good book, helping out a friend in need or even a stranger are just a small number of examples of how we can live happy lives in the present.

If you address these 5 reasons I guarantee your relationship with the universe will flourish. You will find that you will become more resilient to the challenges that life throws at you and the best thing is , you will be a lot happier.

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.”  Steve Maraboli

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